Medical Leaders of ACHA Initiate Worldwide COVID-19 Study in Adults with CHD

Posted Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020

This research study of 70+ ACHD Centers across the globe has been endorsed by the International Society for Adult Congenital Heart Disease.

After seeing that there were no clear and concise data regarding patients with CHD and COVID-19 available across the world, ACHA’s medical leadership led the way in the creation of a dedicated database that medical providers will be using in the United States and abroad. Thus far, the database includes the following ACHD centers:

  • 39 in the United States
  • 6 in Canada
  • 34 throughout Central and South American, Europe, Asia and Australia

The number of sites participating continues to increase rapidly. All sites either have received or are in the process of receiving IRB Approval, which means that the ethics review committee of the hospital or university has decided that the research study meets all institutional and federal standards and policies.

At each site, data will be entered for adults with CHD who have tested positive for COVID-19 or are presumed positive based on common presenting signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19. Data summaries will be shared with ACHD providers around the world on a regular basis to ensure that providers can all learn from one another’s experiences.

ACHA has worked closely with the study investigators, Drs. Jamil Aboulhosn, Adrienne Kovacs and Craig Broberg, to initiate this study. We are very proud to play a key role in this global collaboration of nearly 80 centers worldwide participating in this research study. We are grateful for the speed and focus of the CHD medical community around this global issue.

For more on the impact of COVID-19 on adults with CHD, including all of ACHA’s resources, visit We will be also be providing updates on the database in the future.

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