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About ACHA

The mission of the Adult Congenital Heart Association is to empower the congenital heart disease community by advancing access to resources and specialized care that improve patient-centered outcomes.

Founded in 1998, the Adult Congenital Heart Association is an organization begun by and dedicated to supporting individuals and families living with congenital heart disease and advancing the care and treatment available to our community.

We do this through a wide and growing range of programs, services and activities. These include our National and Regional Conferences, accreditation program, educational materials, website, outreach and advocacy efforts, research program, and events to raise money and increase awareness.

We are committed to promoting excellence for every adult CHD patient by increasing access to the highest level of care and developing standards to allow patients and families to identify physicians and facilities providing that care. Our vision is that every adult with CHD receives specialized cardiac care.

ACHA thanks the patients, family members, health professionals and researchers who commit their time, resources, skills and efforts to our cause. We especially acknowledge the contributions of our Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board.

Read more in ACHA's one page overview, click here. To learn more about Karen Klein McNulty, ACHA's co-founder and first president, click here.


The ACHA logo, representing a child and an adult, signifies access to information and specialized care for all CHD patients across their lifespans. ACHA is an organization about connecting people, and we are proud to be represented by an identifier that encompasses this notion, as well as the ongoing need for CHD care from childhood to adulthood.



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