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We’re a community…a resource and a support system for adults who live with congenital heart disease. We are here to educate, inform and connect—and improve the quality of care for people with congenital heart disease. We are the only organization completely committed to the adult congenital heart population. We are growing, expanding and deepening our services and programs.

To achieve our mission, we need your help and your active involvement. Your contributions are the fuel for our programs year round. Every contribution matters. 

From the ACHA Blog

"It didn’t take me long to recognize the importance of ACHA. The plethora of information and resources in the form of brochures, webinars, this blog, the Heart to Heart Peer Mentors, directory listings, up-to-date legislative information and the work that goes into making sure our voices are heard and that we receive the proper care today and in the future, is priceless. With all of that, there is still much more work to be done to raise awareness and educate those with CHD that proper treatment is necessary to live longer, healthier lives. That’s why I give. I give because there are people out there that have much less than I do, regardless of my circumstances."
- Kathleen Hutchinson

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Help fuel progress against CHD

ACHA is committed to serving the needs of people with adult congenital heart disease. The simplest way to help us achieve our mission and support our program is to make a donation. We use your contributions to: Fund programs and services year...


Come Together

Our diagnoses are different. Our experiences are unique, but we are bound together by the reality of living with congenital heart disease. You can make that community stronger, raise awareness of CHD and improve care. In the process, you can help...


Get Involved by Volunteering

ACHA volunteers are the backbone of our organization – our mission keepers and our message. By becoming involved with ACHA, you are helping us achieve the goals outlined in Vision 2025 and supporting our mission of improving and extending the lives...



Check this page for ACHA-sponsored events, as well as other events that spread awareness and raise funds for our cause, such as local events and our national conference.


Change the world. Advocate for more awareness and support for ACHD

If you are living with ACHD, it’s important to be an active advocate for greater awareness and support for ACHD funding, surveillance, programs and policies. You can advocate in your own area or at the Federal level. We need to make sure our voices...

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