Your Heart and ACHD

Understand your adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) and find the recommended care, treatment and support you need throughout your life.

The most important step in managing your congenital heart disease (CHD) is to know the name of your defect, know what it means, and be able to find the recommended doctors and care options. The Adult Congenital Heart Association’s Clinic Directory, health information, Heart to Heart Peer Support Program, Online Community, and research can help.

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Further Information

The Clinical Directory helps you locate ACHD clinics in the United States and Canada. This is an easy way to find a doctor or center to treat your adult congenital heart disease.

Living with CHD

Key issues impacting congenital heart disease patients and caregivers, including ACHD Care Guidelines for ongoing disease management, Understanding and applying for Social Security Disability and insurance, and the Personal Health Passport.

Health Information

Health Information tailored for adults living with the congenital heart defects. Our resources cover specific heart defects as well as aspects of living life with CHD, including FAQs  and access to our extensive archive of webinars.


After an extensive application and peer review process, we announced the funding of the Adult Congenital Heart Association's inaugural research grants in 2018. Our research area also includes clinical trials currently enrolling participants, ACHA-sponsored research, and more.

Heart to Heart Peer Support Program

The ACHA Heart to Heart Peer Support Program offers adults with CHD and their family members the opportunity to connect one-on-one with trained peer mentors who provide support, guidance and resources in a positive, supportive way.

ACHA Online Community

The ACHA Online Community offers a place for registered members to discuss issues with other members of the ACHA community and provide and receive support.

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