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Accreditation Program Documents

The ACHA ACHD Accreditation Program is now accepting applications for 2021.

Additional information on the application process is provided below.

Please review all documentation below for how to begin your online application, due dates, and the accreditation process. If you have any questions, please email Misty Sharpe at msharpe@achaheart.org.

The following are the key ACHA ACHD Accreditation Program documents and information that you will need to download and review as you go through the ACHA ACHD Accreditation process. 

Follow these links to open the documents:

Accreditation Program Criteria 

User Manual

Application Timeline

Accreditation Site Visit Itinerary Example

Business Associate Agreement  (BAA)

To begin your online application, click herehttps://acha.secure-platform.com/a/solicitations/4/home

*If you’ve already started an application on OpenWater last year, please make sure you are completing the 2019 version of the application (ACHA ACHD Accreditation Program 2019). We made some minor updates to the application to help with user experience. All your previously entered information should still be present. If you’ve started an application with us on OpenWater previously, you will also be prompted to reset your password as we’ve improved our security settings.

Tutorial Video - How to Begin Your Online ACHA ACHD Accreditation Application 

Comprehensive Care Center Policy and Procedure Templates

*Each policy/procedure document should indicate whether it is hospital policy or ACHD program policy/clinical guideline.

B2 - Letter from Division Chief
E3 - Pre-peri-post-operative consultation care and diagnostics should involve CHD trained or experienced personnel
E4 - 24-7 CHD Surgical Expertise
E6 - ACHD Multidisciplinary Conference
F2 - Process for Evaluation of Advanced Heart Failure in ACHD patients
F3 -  Policy for ACHD Patients Requiring Transplant
F4 - Policy to Ensure that ACHD Patients with Advanced Heart Failure Have Access to the Same Ancillary Services
G1 - Policy for Consultation from an ACHD Cardiologist Prior to Interventional Cardiac Catheterizations for ACHD Patients
H1 - Plan for EP Procedures
H2 - Plan for 24-7 ACHD EP Coverage in Collaboration with the ACHD Team
I1 - Policy for ACHD Consultation within 24 Hours of Admission to the Hospital for all ACHD Patients (Letter)
I1 - Policy for ACHD Consultation within 24 Hours of Admission to the Hospital for all ACHD Patients (Policy)
I3 - Policy to Ensure Care is Provided in the Pediatric or Adult Hospital Appropriate for the Patient's Medical Issues, Regardless of Age
I4 - Policy to Ensure ACHD Education of Inpatient Nursing Staff
I5 - Policy for Transfer of ACHD Patients to an Adult Facility
I6 - Policy or Short Narrative for Access to General Internal Medicine and Adult Sub-Specialists Either by In-House Consultation or Transfer to Adult Hospital
J2- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of Adults
J4 - Process for Scheduling an Initial Appointment for New ACHD Patients within 4 weeks
J8 - Policy to Promote the Establishment of Medical Homes for ACHD Patients
J9 - ACHD Team Meets Regularly for Patient Case Conference and Review
J10 - Advance Care Plan Policy for ACHD Patients
J11 - Ongoing Patient Education and Distribution of Patient Education Materials
J14 - ACHD Education of Nursing and Other Staff in Outpatient Clinic
K1 - Policy to Provide Transition Education for Patients and Providers
K2 - Policy for Planned Patient Transfer from Pediatric to ACHD Care
K3 - Policy to Ensure Collaboration with Pediatric Cardiology Providers to Support Ongoing Discussion Regarding the Patients and Referrals
L1 - Policy to Integrate Patient-Centered Care (PCC) into the Program Mission Statement
L2 - Policy to Promote Patient-Centered Care
L5 - Policy for the ACHD PFAC
L5 - Proposal for the ACHD PFAC
L7 - Written Strategy for Healthcare Providers to Partner with, Educate, and Engage Patients and their Families in All Stages
M4 - Performance and Quality Review Meeting between Echo Program and ACHD Program
N3 - Performance and Quality Review Meeting between MRI Program and ACHD Program
O3 - Performance and Quality Review Meeting between CT Program and ACHD Program
P2 - Performance and Quality Review Meeting between PAH Program and ACHD Program
R1 - Policy to Encourage All Female ACHD Patients to Have Gynecological Care
R2 - Policy for Discussion with Patients of Appropriate Birth Control Methods and Sexual Function as it Relates to CHD
R3 - Policy to Ensure that All ACHD Patients Are Provided Pre-Pregnancy Counseling and Family Planning Advice
R4 - Policy for Discussion of Sexual Counseling Regarding Sexual Dysfunction
R5 - Policy to ensure that ACHD Providers Articulate and Document a Plan for Delivery in Collaboration with Maternal
S2 - Policy for Referral to Mental Health Services