By Kim Russell
10 Apr

Taking a Slithery Challenge for CHD

Friday, April 10, 2015

Have you benefited from a prenatal diagnosis of your CHD baby? Have you searched out specialized adult care because of something you read or learned about in an ACHA resource or at an event? These sorts of efforts are examples of those funded by donors like yourself through individual giving or by donating to a Congenital Heart Walk!

Not excited about asking people for money? Don’t forget that all family and friends are affected by a CHD diagnosis. Grandparents, aunts and uncles have to watch from the “sidelines” as diagnoses, treatments and surgeries take place. They want to help in some way, but don’t know what to do. Donating money to a Congenital Heart Walk is a great way to give them “ownership” in your CHDer’s care! Let them know this money will help fund CHD research and programs—you will find that they are eager to help!!

Personal fundraising for a Congenital Heart Walk can be creative and fun! This year, my fellow volunteer Rich and I started a “challenge” program for the Greater Atlanta Walk. It sounded like a fun, creative idea! Rich, knowing I am terrified of snakes, challenged me that if I held a snake, he would donate $25 to the walk.

The next day we stopped by the pet store for me to fulfill the challenge. The ladies who worked there were excited to help! The first one who waited on me said, “We would be glad to help. I think we have a snake that doesn’t bite, let me check.” (Well that was reassuring—NOT!)

Finally she reached into a container and pulled out a snake. She was definitely on my side! The snake was about seven inches long and very tame. With great hesitation and while totally cringing, I held out my hand. She carefully placed it on my palm. Whew! The snake just laid there and never moved the whole time.

Mission accomplished! Rich was pleased but not excited that the snake was so small.

When we got home and posted the video on Facebook it was awesome to know that I had faced my fears and followed through. But almost immediately upon seeing the post, my friends started making comment after comment similar to “That was not a snake, Kim! That was a worm!”

Shortly after those comments started pouring in, I received this challenge: “I will donate $25 for Michelle's [a fellow Facebook friend’s] choice of snake—and another $25 if you have a picture made with it on your shoulders!!!!” Yikes! But because of all the chiding about the small snake, I agreed.

The big event was this past Saturday, when I had to hold (on my shoulders, no less) a nine-foot, 80-pound Burmese python! I was scared to death, but I did it. And thanks to the family-owned pet store turning it into a local two-week fundraiser in their store, we raised $180! To see the video, please click here


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