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Thanking Our CHD Doctors

Monday, March 31, 2014

By Paula Miller

This past weekend I had the privilege of representing ACHA at meetings of congenital heart healthcare providers that were held during the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Sessions in Washington, D.C. I am in awe of all that this amazing group of doctors, both pediatric and adult congenital cardiologists, do to make sure we, congenital heart patients, get what we deserve – the very best care.

While our ACHD doctors work hard to take care of each of us individually in the office or in the hospital, after hours they continue to work to improve our lives. One of the meetings I attended – in fact, one that I coordinated – was that of the ACHA Medical Advisory Board (MAB), which meets twice a year in person. This was one of those times. Yet in between, these men and women, our ACHD specialists, continually do things for us and for ACHA.

Are you aware that members of the MAB voluntarily give of their time to prepare and present ACHA webinars and answer your questions? They also review research projects and educational articles for ACHA. Some MAB members have been meeting regularly over the past few years to write ACHA program accreditation criteria so that we, congenital heart patients, will get the care we deserve. At the same time they were presenting data to support board certification for adult congenital cardiologists, which is now a reality because of their hard work.

Beyond what they do for ACHA, ACHD doctors also work with the ACC’s Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology (ACPC) Section – again to improve the quality of care for you and for me! That’s a huge commitment! So while National Doctors' Day was yesterday, March 30, it’s not too late to say thanks! Don’t let this day go unnoticed.


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