By Kim Russell
10 Apr

Growing Up with CHD, Into a Precious Piece of Art

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Over the past few years, I have had opportunity to visit with many CHD parents across the United States. Listening to their stories, triumphs and challenges has made me realize that their work is much like that of a sculpting artist.

They find out their child has CHD, which is something they know nothing about—they have been given a precious amount of molding clay. So the first thing they do is gather all the tools and information they will need to form this precious child into a strong, independent adult. Then they begin their work of molding, so that each curve and edge is just the right shape.

This is followed by sanding to obtain a smooth, clean edge. Then, like a sculptor, they begin working on the details: teaching them about their defect, helping them learn about their medicine and the fine art of remaining in CHD care.

They work for years to reach a very precious goal. Their child has become a wonderful, independent CHD adult. How proud they should be of their work and the final result! But the decision of the next step is the hardest of all.

Do you set your artwork (child) on a shelf in a closet where it will be safe or do you give your piece over to the art museum of life to be put on display? Allowing your child to live as an independent adult is very hard to do after there has been so much attention and work put in over the years. But the joy they have in knowing that you are proud of them and want them to succeed in life as an independent adult is priceless!


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