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Fussing Over Your Features

Friday, March 28, 2014

By Kelly Deeny

I don't mind the scar down my chest. In fact, I accept it as part of what makes me unique. It's a reminder to me on stressful days of how much strength and determination exists within. Yes, it mirrors a heart that's endured physical pain, but the healed wound also signifies an emotional and spiritual journey that's had its share of challenges.

I struggle with the style, color, and length of my hair. I wish my teeth were straighter, and I know the extra pounds don't flatter this tiny person. In all the nitpicky views of my appearance, I look at my scar and see beauty. I see uniqueness, bravery, purpose, and hope.

While drafting this post I realized that I judge my cosmetic features too harshly. If I can see myself as beautiful with a scar down my chest, then why fuss so much over a hairstyle? I had no control or choice in putting the scar on my flesh, but I can change my hairstyle or take steps towards a healthier weight.


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