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Finding CHD Accommodations During Vacation

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

By Jennifer Gooden

In March my husband and I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando. We went to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary. We got a hoppper pass to see all four Disney parks and ran around like a couple of kids (figuratively speaking) and had an absolute blast.

Making our way around the four theme parks—combined with the Florida heat and standing in the Disney lines with that heat—made me pretty exhausted. Day two of our vacation was when the excitement worse off and the fatigue set in, and I realized that I couldn't keep up with the kids in the park or my husband and I started to feel a bit down.

Lucky for me, my hubby suggested that we stop by guest services and see if there was something to be done to help with my fatigue. Guest services was super helpful and gave me a guest assistance pass that provided me with a shaded wait area in most lines. It also allowed me an alternate entrance for many attractions to help cut down on a lot of the walking. The pass really helped me fight the fatigue and enjoy my time on vacation more.

It was also nice to see that a place like Disney World thought of different ways to make differently abled people be able to enjoy the park and their day.

Have you been to Disney (or anywhere) that has been super accommodating with your CHD?


Add yours below.


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