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Walking for the Cause

Friday, April 27, 2012

By Kelly Deeny

Walking: One of the few forms of exercise that I enjoy. When I walk, be it around my neighborhood, a local park or my office building, I’m able to enjoy my surroundings. It’s time to think, to ponder and to daydream. To get some “fresh” air and have time to catch up with friends and family. When I start thinking about walking for my health I recall how I came to become more involved with ACHA.

In late 2010, a TV star I admire had referenced a charity website to raise money for the recent oil disaster. I gave my donation and started thinking about how I could create my own fundraising project so that I could raise money for a great organization. There were a few nonprofit organizations that came to mind.

But whatever I chose had to be something I could stand behind and be proud to support.

And so I created “Walking for My Heart.” For every $25 that was raised I promised to walk one mile. The money raised would go to ACHA.

I ended up raising roughly $200 and walked more than the minimum of eight miles. Now, granted, I didn’t do all eight miles in one day, or even one week. I spaced it out over a month or so and posted updates so that those who donated knew that I held up my end of our bargain!

That fundraising project connected me with the wonderful staff at ACHA and I’m so glad. Last May I walked with my parents in the Delaware Valley Congenital Heart Walk and this year I already have tons of friends and family who want to walk and/or donate!

I’m looking forward to this year’s walk and all the walking I’ll be doing during the coming spring and summer months!

A note from ACHA: We hope you will register for a Congenital Heart Walk in your city today! Click here for more information, dates and registration links.


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