Applications Available for ACHA's Research Grants, Including Newest Pulmonary Vascular Disease Award

Posted Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023

**Update: The application deadline has been extended to Friday, April 7, 2023.

Since launching our emerging research program in 2019, ACHA has invested $400,000 to fund 14 investigations at adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) centers across the country. We are excited to build upon our commitment to unlocking new discoveries for our patient population, and are thrilled to announce today that grant applications for ACHA’s 2023 Research Awards are now available!

ACHA’s 2023 research program will continue to accept applications for early investigation and pilot studies for all ACHD disciplines, and we are proud to once again offer the Meil Family Foundation Research Award for Neurocognitive Studies, which debuted in 2022. In addition, this year, we are pleased to announce an additional grant opportunity: The Pulmonary Vascular Disease Research Award, funded by a corporate sponsorship from Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. 

Applications for all three opportunities are available by clicking below:

Applications are due March 24, 2023, and projects will start July 1, 2023. Applicants can be any type of faculty involved in ACHD: Doctor, Fellow, NP, PA, Nurse, etc.

As the only national patient advocacy organization whose research program is solely dedicated to funding ACHD studies, we are pleased to share our research priorities and why ACHA research is so important.

ACHA's Research Priorities:

  • Advancing the science and understanding of congenital heart disease in adults.
  • Cultivating a new generation of ACHD providers.
  • Collaborating with patients for better health outcomes.

Why ACHA Research Is So Important:

  • Our research program advances ACHA’s mission to empower the congenital heart disease community by advancing access to resources and specialized care that improve patient-centered outcomes.
  • Our research program embraces best practices with a peer-review model that involves both patient and medical reviewers to ensure we are funding the most critical and relevant studies.
  • We are funding research grants and projects that are important to our ACHD community.
  • We are funding studies that gather critical “proof of concept” data that is often necessary to secure private and government funding for larger studies.
  • We are committed to increasing research funding to ensure additional projects for years to come.
  • We regularly provide updates about research projects ACHA is funding to all key stakeholders.

We are so excited to continue to move forward with this critical initiative. Thank you to all who have contributed. We are also looking forward to investing in research for years to come, and we are only able to do this because of the support of our generous donors and corporate funders including the Meil Family Foundation, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Brad’s Heart of a Jayhawk Research Fund, Dale Amorosia Heart Fund, and Robby Klaber ACHA Research Fund.