ACHA's Research Grant Application is Now Available

Posted Monday, Nov 19, 2018

ACHA has always made sure to let our community know how important research is in improving the quality of care and the quality of life for adults with congenital heart disease (CHD). It's a crucial part of our mission.

And as we announced this year, research is a part of our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, with this overall goal: Fund research to improve the lives of CHD patients and future generations in partnership with medical professionals.

We are thrilled to announce that the ACHA Research Grant Application is now available! We hope you will share this opportunity with your medical team and encourage them to get involved in CHD research.


Click here to access the application


Applications are due January 22, 2019, and projects will start July 1, 2019. ACHA will award:

  • Two faculty grants that will be up to $32,500 per year (can be one or two year grants)
    • Can be any type of faculty involved in ACHD – Doctor, NP, PA, Nurse, etc.
  • One fellow grant $10,000 – must be in an ACHD Fellowship


ACHA's Research Priorities:

  • Advancing the science of congenital heart disease in adults.
  • Cultivating a new generation of ACHD providers.
  • Collaborating with patients for better health outcomes.

 Thank you so much for your support and involvement in this crucial initiative!

Why Research Is So Important:

  • Advance ACHA’s mission by improving and extending the lives of the millions born with heart defects.
  • We embrace best practices with a peer-review model that drives our research forward.
  • We are funding research grants and projects that are important to our ACHD community.
  • We are also funding a fellow grant to ensure that future ACHD providers are able to begin working on crucial projects.
  • Increase research funding to ensure additional projects for years to come.
  • Provide information about research programs ACHA is funding to all key stakeholders.


We are so excited to be moving forward with this new initiative, thank you to all who have contributed.  We are also looking forward to investing in this Research Fund for years to come, and we are only able to do this because of the generous support of our donors.