Announcing ACHA's 2017 Congenital Heart Champions

Posted Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017

We are thankful for our 2017 Congenital Heart Champions.

As a non-profit organization, one of the biggest things ACHA depends on is funding consistency, so that we can continue to serve the growing CHD community. Our Congenital Heart Champions are a special group of supporters who are so passionate about our mission that they donate monthly. Join this growing circle by signing up today.

Samina Ahmad

Shantelle Bartra

Consuelo B. Mira

Belen Blanton-Altuve

Mary-Kay Caler

Janice Christensen, MD

Linda and Brad Clowers

Emily Colyer

Dawn Connor

Rachelle Coury

Dawn Cox

Stephen Crumb, DNP

Melodi Cummings

Jannine Deckard

Thomas Erdos

Theresa J. Faulkner

Kevin Gordon and Michelle Traeger

Alice K. Harrigan

Jenne Hickey, RN, BSN

Logan Hill

Allison Holmes

Kathryn J. Junge, RN

Danni Kight

Stephen and Mona Klaber

Ted and Mary Kay Klein

Michele Krumrei

James W. Larson

Christopher P. Learn, MD

Tracy R. Mace

Ailene MacKay

Katherine Madigan

Linda Manning

Rosanne Margraf

Kelsey Martel

Patricia and Pete Monchino

Robert and Linda Moore

Ivy Moresco

Marc and Nelia Mucatel

Elaine and Walter Mudry

Diane Neff

Joanne Neuhoff

Michele Pietras

Juan Pablo Porras

Peggy Powers

Camille Richards, NP

Michele Ruiz

Arwa Saidi, MB, BCh, FACC

Lynn Coletta Simko

Carissa Snedeker

Karen Steele-Avery

John and June Stolnis

Kerri Straub

Susan Timmins

Ramon Videla

Heather Abbott Vogel

Dawn Warnke and Amy North

Tamila and Thomas Wilhelm

Ann Wright

Sandra Snyder S. Zumbrum