Midwest & Omaha Congenital Heart and Aortopathy (MOCHA)

Omaha, NE — (402) 955-4350

There are board certified ACHD physicians at this location.

8200 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68114
United States

(402) 955-4350
(402) 955-6799
(402) 955-4350
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Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Pediatric Hospital
Nebraska Medicine
Adult Hospital
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Clinic Staffing

Medical Director

Jonathan Cramer, MD Professional ACHA Member
ACHD, IM, Peds, Ped Card

Medical Co-Director

Shane Tsai, MD Professional ACHA Member
ACHD, IM, IM Card, Peds, Ped Card, Clinical Cardiac EP

Administrative Program Director/Manager

Laura Ronspies
Administrative Program Coordinator

2 Additional Cardiologists attend Clinic

Anji Yetman, MD Professional ACHA Member
ACHD, IM, Peds, Ped Card
Vince Gonzalez, MD
IM, Peds Ped Card

Nursing & Other Staff

Cari Coons, APRN ACHD Nurse Practitioner
Kristy Cook, APRN, DNP, FNP-BC, PNP-AC ACHD Nurse Practitioner
Celia Yee Man Poon, PhD Clinical Psychologist
Madison Parshall, PLMHP PCMSW Medical Social Worker
Abigail Vollers, BSN, RN
Mary Kate Herek, BSN, RN Children's Hospital ACHD RN
Lindsey Vaughan, BSN, RN Nebraska Medicine ACHD RN

Care Setting

Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Nebraska Medicine
Black Hills Pediatrics
Pediatric/Adult Hospital
Pediatric/Adult Hospital
Adult Hospital
Yes - at age 14
Yes, weekly

Training & Research

Formal ACHD rotation for general cardiology fellows (in Peds and Adult), Individualized long-term mentoring (or informal ACHD fellowship), Formal dedicated ACHD fellowship (2 year)

Satellite Clinics

Data valid at 2022

Director's Description

A collaborative partnership between Children's Hospital and Nebraska Medicine, the Midwest & Omaha Congenital Heart and Aortopathy (MOCHA) program for adolescents and adults offers a multi- disciplinary approach to comprehensive ACHD management and care. Our program features a team of board certified ACHD experts dedicated to the care of ACHD patients. MOCHA offers the complete spectrum of ACHD care from routine CHD follow- up to the most advanced imaging, cath, electrophysiology, surgical, and transplant options. We additionally have specialized programs for adolescent transition, pulmonary hypertension, and high risk pregnancy care. MOCHA is committed to excellence in the care of patients throughout the region including national and international research and education. We offer outreach clinics in Lincoln, Kearney, and North Platte, NE as well as Rapid City, SD.

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