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Many adults with congenital heart disease do not get the ongoing care and monitoring they need. Choosing the right doctor and ACHD program to manage your adult congenital heart disease is crucial.

Search the Directory to find an ACHD Board Certified cardiologist and/or ACHA ACHD Accredited Center.

Anyone who has a CHD should be seen in a specialized ACHD clinic at least once. The more complex your CHD is, the more crucial it is that you get your care from an ACHD healthcare team. Depending on where you live, that may mean traveling some distance for the best care.

ACHA is actively working to improve the quality and access to care available for adult congenital heart disease patients, and to develop the highest standards to determine which doctors and facilities offer quality care. This effort includes our national program to accredit adult congenital heart centers.

The ACHD Clinic Directory offers information on ACHD Board Certified providers certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and ACHA ACHD Accredited Centers.

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NOTE: The Adult Congenital Heart Association does not endorse or recommend any specific clinic or provider.  

The Adult Congenital Heart Association endorses the findings of the American Cardiology Association/American Heart Association 2018 Guidelines on the management of adults with congenital heart disease.

According to the Guidelines:

  • If you were told you had a congenital heart defect as a child, you should have your heart checked at least once at a specialized adult congenital heart disease center.
  • If you were born with a more complex CHD, you should visit an ACHD center at least every two years for evaluation and follow up—even if you had surgery on your heart.

To see the full text of these guidelines, click here.

Search the Directory to find an ACHD clinic and/or provider

  • "The clinic directory is a very valuable tool for our patients whenever they travel or if they decide to move. It is a great way to help keep patients in qualified care."

    MAB Chair Jamil Aboulhosn, MD
    Director, Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center
    Los Angeles, CA

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