Congenital Heart Center

Grand Rapids, MI — (616) 267-9150

There are board certified ACHD physicians at this location.

25 Michigan St. NE
Suite 4200
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
United States

(616) 267-9150
(616) 267-9150
(616) 267-9150
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Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Adult/Pediatric Hospital
Michigan State University

Clinic Staffing

Medical Director

Joseph Vettukattil, BSc, MBBS, MD, DNB Professional ACHA Member
Peds, Peds Card

2 Additional Cardiologists attend Clinic

Sihong Huang, MD Professional ACHA Member
ACHD, Ped Card
Christopher Ratnasamy, MD Professional ACHA Member
ACHD, Ped Cardiology

Nursing & Other Staff

Michelle Rewa NP
Lauren Howard MSW
Michael Timothy Mobley Finn PhD
Meagan Fitzpatrick RN
Sophie Brinks RN
Cheryl Bos, RN Practice Manager

Care Setting

Spectrum Health
Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Adult/Pediatric Hospital
Pediatric/Adult Hospital
Pediatric/Adult Hospital
Yes - at age 12
Yes, weekly

Training & Research


Satellite Clinics

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Director's Description

The Adult Congenital Heart program is led by specially trained experts to care for complex heart defects and accommodate the changes individuals experience throughout their lifetime. Specially trained adult congenital cardiologists, psychologists, care coordinators, and medical social worker make up the multidisciplinary team.

With the goal to help adolescent and adults with congenital heart disease understand and successfully manager their own care, the program offers adult congenital cardiology clinics in Grand Rapids and surrounding area. Through education and collaborative care, the clinic promotes increased awareness of the following: medication and preventing infection; healthy lifestyle choices and safe exercise; birth control; pregnancy, and childbearing; career choices; planning advance directives; obtaining insurance and/or financial support; societal support and benefits available; and psychosocial support systems. The clinic also offers a seamless transition of care from pediatric to specialized adult congenital care within the same department.