West Texas Adult Congenital

El Paso, TX — (915) 532-6767

There are board certified ACHD physicians at this location.

4301 North Mesa, Suite 100
El Paso, TX 79902

(915) 532-6767
(915) 532-6767
(915) 532-6767
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El Paso Children's Hospital
Pediatric Hospital
Hospital of Providence - Sierra
Adult Hospital
Texas Tech Health Science Center - El Paso
Paul Foster School of Medicine - Texas Tech Health Science Center

Clinic Staffing

Medical Director

Venkatachalam Mulukutla, MD Professional ACHA Member
ACHD, IM, IM Card, Ped Card. Interventional Card

2 Additional Cardiologists attend Clinic

Srinivas Badugu
Ped Card, ACHD Board Eligible
Sudheer Gorla, MD
Ped Card

Nursing & Other Staff


Care Setting

El Paso Children's Hospital
Hospital of Providence Sierra
Texas Tech Health Science Center - El Paso
Adult/Pediatric Hospital
Adult Hospital
Adult Hospital
Yes - at age 18
Yes, less than 1 time per month

Training & Research

Data valid at 2019

Director's Description

West Texas Adult Congenital (WTAC) is the first Adult congenital program in West Texas. We have over 200 patient visits yearly. We are affiliated with El Paso Children's Hospital and the Hospitals of Providence Sierra.

We have a dedicated team of cardiologists and have the ability to perform cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, transesophageal echocardiography, and dedicated cardiac MRI. We have dedicated team of specialists that we work with for pulmonary hypertension.

In the last year, we have performed approximately 70 cardiac catheterizations, 10 percutaneous pulmonary valve replacements, 15 atrial septal defect repairs, and over 20 open heart surgeries. Many of these procedures and surgeries are the first of its kind in West Texas. Our program continues to grow and our mission is to help those patients that do not have access to care and better care for those with chronic cardiac conditions.