Pacific Adult Congenital Heart Program

Vancouver, BC — (604) 806-8520

Room 5051 - 1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6

(604) 806-8520
(604) 806-8520
(604) 682-2344
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BC Children's Hospital
Pediatric Hospital
University of British Columbia

Clinic Staffing

Medical Director

Dr. Marla Kiess

5 Additional Cardiologists attend Clinic

Amanda Barlow, MD
Ped Card
Shanta Chakrabarti, MD
Ped Card, EP
Derek Human, MD
Ped, Ped Card
Jasmine Grewal, MD
Mounir Riahi, MD
ACHD, Intervention

Nursing & Other Staff

Danielle Woznesensky MSW, RSW
Jennifer Clark PhD, Reg Psych
Karen LeComte MSN, RN, CNCCP(C)
Emma Lacoe MSN, RN

Care Setting

St. Paul's Hospital
Adult Hospital
Adult Hospital
Adult Hospital
Yes - at age 13
Yes, weekly

Training & Research

Formal ACHD rotation for general cardiology fellows (in Adult & Peds), Individualized long-term mentoring (or informal ACHD fellowship), Formal dedicated ACHD fellowship (2 year)
Data valid at 2017

Director's Description

The PACH clinic’s multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, psychologists and social workers provide clinical expertise to patients 18 years and older with congenital heart disease. Individuals who are newly diagnosed with congenital heart disease and those transitioning from pediatric programs receive ongoing follow-up and care for their
cardiac condition.

The Heritable Aortopathies Clinic (HAC) provides assessments, care and follow up for people with a wide range of genetic disorders that stretch or weaken the aorta (e.g. Loey Dietz, Marfan Syndrome). The team includes doctors, nurses, a genetic counsellor and other health care professionals and specialists at St Paul’s Hospital and Vancouver
Coastal Health Authority.

Pregnant cardiac patients are provided care by specially trained physicians and nurses to support them through their

The clinic provides the following services:
Pre-pregnancy assessment and counselling
Consultation and determination of cardiac risk for women who are pregnant
Specialized cardiac care for women throughout pregnancy
Development of individualized cardiac-obstetrical care plans
Patient and family education and psychosocial support
Collaborative support from Obstetrics, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Obstetrical Internal Medicine,
Genetics and other specialties as needed