8th National Conference Presentations

Please click the titles linked below for a PDF of slides from each session.


Opening Session: Friday (June 1)

How Far We’ve Come and Where We’re Going, Arwa Saidi, MB, BCh

Clinician and MAB Viewpoint: Thoughts from an ACHD Cardiologist, Karen Stout, MD

Patient Viewpoint: What Do the Changes Mean for Patients? Emily Wells, ACHA Ambassador

ACHA Viewpoint: Enhancing Our Message & Broadening Our Reach, Mark Roeder, ACHA President & CEO


Medical Professionals: Friday Sessions (June 1)

Why Doesn’t Everyone Get an MRI Compatible Leadless Pacemaker? Wilson Lam, MD

Choosing the Right Pulmonary Vasodilator, Rich Krasuski, MD

Healthcare Policy – Utilization and Quality, Joe Kay, MD

ACHD Biobank – Boston Experience, Sasha Opotowsky, MD

Research on Education and Employment in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease and the Role of Intervention in improving Function, Scott Cohen, MD


Patient-Family: Friday Sessions (June 1)

How to Find Care, Ken Woodhouse, ACHA Ambassador

Teach Your Providers What You Need, Rick Puder, ACHA Ambassador

Becoming Involved in Research, Sue Fernandes, LP.D, PA-C

Preparing for Surgery (Cardiac/Non-Cardiac): Nurse Viewpoint, Christy Sillman, MSN

Preparing for Surgery (Cardiac/Non-Cardiac): Patient Viewpoint, Amy Fesmire, ACHA Ambassador

Advanced Heart Failure Therapies including LVAD, George Lui, MD

Valve Replacements, Rush Waller, MD

Complementary Therapies, Monica Aggarwal, MD

3D Printing for Understanding and Treating Congenital Heart Disease, Jamil Aboulhosn, MD

My Heart is Not Alone: Lungs, Michael Earing, MD

My Heart is Not Alone: Liver, Fred Wu, MD

My Heart is Not Alone: Brain, Stephen Crumb, DNP


Medical Professionals: Saturday Sessions (June 2)

Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Replacement in Native RVOTJamil Aboulhosn, MD

Hybrid Procedures: Let’s Work Together, John Cheatham, MD

Single Center Retrospective ACHD Research, Aaron Kay, MD

Translational ACHD Research, Anitha John, MD

Getting Involved in Multicenter Clinical Studies, Tabitha Moe, MD

Translating Device and Mechanical Support Guidelines to ACHD Research, Tim Maul, MD

Anxiety and Depression, Jamie Jackson, PhD


Patient–Family: Saturday Sessions (June 2)

Diet – Eating Heart Healthy, Monica Aggarwal, MD

Employment, Insurance & Disability: Understanding the Basics with Congenital Heart Disease, David Highfill, LCSW, MSW

Exercise, Exercise Physiology and Athletics, Nancy Barker, PA-C

The Gift of Therapy: Building Emotional Muscle and Mindfulness, Austin Wilmot, MSW, LCSW

Anxiety and Depression, Jamie Jackson, PhD

Palliative Care and Discussing Your Wishes With Your Family and the Medical Team, Paige Barker, MD

Health Care Proxy – What’s That? Why Should I Have a Living Will? Disty Pearson, PA-C

Dating and Sexuality, Stephen Crumb, DNP

Body Image, Stephen Crumb, DNP

Family Planning/Contraception, Disty Pearson, PA-C

Oral Health, Disty Pearson, PA-C

Preventive Screening, Naser Ammash, MD

Surrogacy as a CHD Patient, Dayna Roueiheb


Closing Session: Saturday (June 2)

Advocacy and Program Update, Danielle Hile, Director of Programs, and Jerry Boegler, ACHA Board of Directors

Keynote: ACHD – How Bright is the Future? Roberta Williams, MD

ACHA: The Future/Next Steps, Mark Roeder, President & CEO