Named Funds to Honor and Remember

ACHA works closely with families to set up a named fund in honor or memory of their loved one with CHD. If you are interested in learning more about how you can create a named fund, please contact

Karen McNulty Heart Heroes Scholarship Fund

Karen (Klein) McNulty was a co-founder and the first president of the Adult Congenital Heart Association.

She was also the first chairperson of the newsletter committee and was one of the original editors of the newsletter and co-chair of the first.  ACHA National Conference in September 2000. As an organization, ACHA owes its solid foundation to Karen's vision, intelligence and dedication. This special fund was created to honor her memory; Karen strongly believed that it should be possible for everyone to attend an ACHA conference regardless of their circumstances.

Many congenital heart defect survivors face economic hardship due to their lifelong cardiac disability. Our scholarship recipients tell us that attending an ACHA National Conference is a life-transforming event. Since our first National Conference, ACHA has not only kept registration at less than half of conference costs, but has also fully funded travel scholarships for eligible applicants. Your donation to the Karen McNulty Heart Heroes Scholarship will help continue to make this possible.

Click here for ACHA's dedication to Karen McNulty.

Jim Wong Memorial Fund

Jim Wong served as ACHA's Board Chair, led ACHA's first Research Committee, and served as long-time moderator for ACHA's on-line discussion forums.

Jim gave tirelessly to the congenital heart community, and was passionate about the potential for science and technology to improve the well-being of congenital heart patients. Donations to the Jim Wong Memorial Fund will go to support ACHA's efforts to use technology to create innovative approaches to promoting ACHD research and improving patient access to education, medical records, and peer support.

Steve Catoe Memorial Fund

Steve Catoe was a long-time ACHA message board moderator and advocacy volunteer, and the inveterate blogger at his “Funky Heart” site.

The Steve Catoe Memorial Fund was created to honor Steve’s memory and keep alive his passion for helping improve the lives of heart defect patients through peer support and advocacy. Donations to the Steve Catoe Memorial Fund will support ACHA’s legislative advocacy efforts and online support services including our discussion forum and blog.

Dale Amorosia Heart Fund

Dale Joseph Amorosia led a full life in spite of fighting the congenital heart disease of Shone's Syndrome.

This included graduating from the University of San Diego where he was the coxswain on the crew team for four years; working as a field representative in the State of California Assembly; and running for State Senate in Minnesota in 2016. He was working as a pharmacy technician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, when he passed away at age 43 in 2018.

But most importantly, Dale was a loving and caring brother, co-worker, son, and friend supporting the needy and underprivileged. To help individuals with CHD, the Dale Amorosia Heart Fund has been formed in conjunction with the Adult Congenital Heart Association, which he supported throughout his adult life. Donations to the Dale Amorosia Heart Fund will support ACHA’s research efforts by funding fellow grants.



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