Heart to Heart Ambassadors

The ACHA Heart to Heart (H2H) Ambassador Program connects ACHA patient and family members with trained peers who provide support, guidance and resources.

While each person’s experience with congenital heart disease (CHD) is unique, many patients find it helpful to talk to someone who has been or is currently in a similar medical situation. ACHA's Heart to Heart Program (H2H) offers members of ACHA and their family the opportunity to connect one-on-one with other CHD patients or family members in a positive, supportive way through the Heart to Heart Ambassador program.

Meet our Ambassadors

ACHA patient and family members may request to be matched with a Heart to Heart Ambassador. In order to personalize each match, all participants will talk with the program coordinator via telephone to determine what his/her specific needs are. Following that, every attempt will be made to connect the member with a H2H Ambassador who has a similar diagnosis, has undergone a similar medical or surgical procedure, or has had to adjust to similar changes in lifestyle, activities or physical limitations.

If you think you might benefit by being matched with a Heart to Heart Ambassador, please click here for a support request application.

Heart to Heart Ambassadors are trained to provide peer support and peer education to members who request this service and are chosen after submitting an application and three references, one of which must be from a medical professional. Candidates are also interviewed by the program coordinator and program supervisor and are required to participate in a Heart 2 Heart Ambassador Orientation Training Program, as well as annual training. ACHA’s H2H Ambassador program strives to be as diverse as possible within the program structure.

The Ambassador program typically trains 10-15 new ACHA patient and family members once a year; however, our focus in 2016 is to increase awareness of the ongoing support that is available for our ACHA members and patients at CHD programs. Our next recruitment round will begin in 2017.

Please watch here for updates and announcements regarding the 2017 recruitment and the application process.

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For additional information about either aspect of the Heart to Heart Ambassador Program, please email Katie Dempsey, Community Services Coordinator at kdempsey@achaheart.org.


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