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We have had dozens of bloggers since this blog began who have been so open with their stories. If you are interested in blogging, too, we'd love to hear from you. Please email info@achaheart.org.

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Strep-Heart: My Journey with Endocarditis - Part 2

by Carrie Rydin on Friday, Apr 09, 2021

In my first blog post, I wrote about my experience being diagnosed with endocarditis in 2019. You can read about it here.

What no one talks about, when you have a pacemaker or ICD (implanted cardioverter defibrillator) implanted, at least in my experience, is that living with technology in your body comes with liabilities. When I was diagnosed with endocarditis at 37 years old, I received a crash course on this. In my case, my leads needed to be removed because they were harboring harmful bacteria and removing them would not be easy.

My leads were 16 years old, putting me squarely in the “ancient” category of lead lifespan. This meant that extracting them from my heart came with a risk of tearing heart tissue during removal.

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Strep-Heart: My Journey with Endocarditis - Part 1

by Carrie Rydin on Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021

On a warm and windy day in August 2019, I am driving down the stretch of highway in Colorado that is perched on Green Mountain and overlooks the skyline of Denver. With the windows down and sunroof open so that I can feel the cooling breeze on my face and the back of my neck, I drive with purpose. My destination was determined by a phone call I received earlier in the day from my primary care doctor: "Go to the hospital and check yourself in—lab results indicate there is an infection in your blood." In this moment, I’m not worried... if anything, I am looking forward to the IV antibiotic waiting for me that will provide some relief from this awful fever.

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