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Your Voice When You Don’t Have One

by Lynda Tobin on Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015

It has been more than 200 years since Ben Franklin penned his famous line about life having only two certainties, death and taxes. As Americans, we are well aware of the latter and all know the consequences of not preparing for next month’s IRS deadline. But when it comes to preparing for our own life’s end, we fall pretty short. I am sorry to say, like it or not, and whether we have a CHD or other chronic illness or not, each of us will someday face dying.

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Help Me Help You

by Lynda Tobin on Tuesday, Nov 04, 2014

You have more experience with congenital heart disease than I have.

This is a humbling thought to have as I write my first (ever) blog post. But it is likely a reality, as many of you have been living with CHD since birth, and I just transitioned to this field two years ago. It has been a happy transition and I find that my 24 years of prior experience in (regular) adult cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery have prepared me well to care for your unique needs. I am so in awe of the strength, determination, resilience and attitude of my adult CHD patients and I look forward every day to going to work to see the patients that I have come to think of as true heroes.

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