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CHD Lessons Learned on Machu Picchu

by Jorie Malone on Wednesday, Sep 16, 2015

This summer, I went on a trip of a lifetime. I had been wanting to go to South America, specifically to visit Machu Picchu, for the past several years. The timing had never been quite right, though. Minor life events, like family weddings or moving apartments, and major life events, like recovering from heart surgery or getting a new job, seemed to get in the way. I was also waiting for schedules to line up with friends or family because I didn’t want to go alone.

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My Experiences with Exercise and CHD

by Jorie Malone on Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015

This year, I made a large “impulse buy” mistake. My new gym caught me in a weak moment after I had a complimentary personal training session. I was a relaxed teacher on winter break, and on top of that, I was feeling the post-work out euphoria of a heart patient who was finally able to be fully active again. So, I signed up for a few sessions (and by a few, I mean too many to share) and embarked on the journey of having a personal trainer.

At first, it was nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. I was afraid my personal trainer did not understand my heart condition and was pushing me too hard. On the other side, I was unsure whether or not I was just out of shape or unable to do certain activities.

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Happy Heartiversary to Me!

by Jorie Malone on Friday, Jan 16, 2015

December 30 is a special day for me—it is my heartiversary, and this particular December 30 marked the one-year post-surgery milestone! For heart patients, I know three months, six months, and one-year post-open heart surgery are all big deals, but I think the one-year mark is the most significant. On my heartiversary, I decided to spend the day with reflection and tiem celebrating with loved ones. It was a wonderful day, but the most amazing and encouraging part of all is thinking about what a difference a year can make!

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I Am No Longer the Only Person I Know with CHD

by Jorie Malone on Monday, Sep 15, 2014

Well, I can now say that I’ve met tons of people with CHD. I even spoke to one person with Ebstein’s, which is my fairly rare anomaly. Just like I hoped for (and blogged about prior to the conference), I was able to connect with people who have similar experiences, learn more about my future living with CHD, and make plans to become more involved in the organization. I’m very thankful I decided to attend the conference this year in Chicago!

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I Am the Only Person I Know with CHD

by Jorie Malone on Friday, Aug 15, 2014

I am the only person I know with Ebstein’s anomaly. In fact, I am the only person I know with congenital heart disease. For the longest time, this didn’t bother me. Growing up, I was fortunate to run around like any other kid. Having CHD was something I seldom thought about, and the reminder usually came every couple years when I had a cardiologist appointment.

Today, my circumstances have changed and I am very interested in making connections with people who have CHD. For that reason, I am excited to attend ACHA’s National Conference in Chicago for the first time, and it couldn’t have come to a better place at a more perfect time!

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