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Diagnosed as an Adult: My Journey to ACHA

by Monisha Mitchell on Friday, Mar 12, 2021

I often talk about the moment I was lying on a procedure table with my cardiologist in my heart. I have spoken about the moment the room stirred. I asked what was wrong and Dr. H said, “You have a very special heart.” My reply was, “I told you I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” However, I have not shared the details of the gut-wrenching events that followed, or my saving grace, until now.

Later that day, Dr. H entered my room in the Critical Care Unit of the local hospital. I knew when he walked into the room that it wasn’t good news. He had a look of empathy that in 30 years with doctors of all kinds, in all situations, I have never seen.

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Emotional Recovery after Open Heart Surgery

by Krista LaPunzina on Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018

Why did I have to go through open heart surgery TWICE? Why did I have to lose my favorite hobby (long distance running)? Why? I am so angry, sad, and I still just don’t believe this…

The mantra above goes through my head all the time. Two years ago I was a happy and healthy gym rat. Spin classes, marathons, sprints, swimming laps for hours—you name it, I was doing it. Then I had crushing chest pain (at the gym, of course) and was eventually diagnosed with anomalous right coronary artery (ARCA).

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