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How I Melt Stress Away

by Jon Ritchings, Jr. on Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

Stress. Stress! STRESS! It’s the bane of my existence these days.

I’m taking 15 credits at school this semester and am the president of a student club, plus am organizing a bake sale, playing in two ukulele groups, and teaching a ukulele class in two weeks to one of those groups. To say I’m busy is an understatement. I wake up every morning and start going over my list of things to do that day before I’m even out of bed.

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Heart to Heart in Atlanta

by Kim Russell on Thursday, Oct 09, 2014

"I wanted to go to the ACHA National Conference, but wasn't able to. This Heart to Heart Where You Live event in Atlanta was a great opportunity to experience it in part on a local level," was a common comment heard after our event this past Saturday. People came from as far away as Arkansas to enjoy time together with fellow CHDers and hear informative speakers who talked about topics such as lifelong care, low-carb diet, and the electricity of the heart.

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The Reality of the “Red Band Society”

by Becca Atherton on Thursday, Oct 02, 2014

I have seen the internet abuzz over a new television show called Red Band Society. I've read a few reviews of the show that were written by chronically or terminally ill teens who had watched the pilot, and their reviews made me worried they wouldn't be portrayed properly. While there were a few things that I disliked about how they portrayed life in the hospital, there were some wonderful teaching moments and this show will hopefully raise awareness about children with terminal or chronic illnesses.

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When I Finally Met People With CHD

by Kim Russell on Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

While recently visiting with a social worker at an ACHD clinic, I found out that there are still adult CHDers who have never met anyone else with CHD. I remember that feeling. It wasn’t one that was talked about or that I verbalized, but it was one that was forever in the back of my mind.

“Am I the only one going through this?” “Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk to who understands what this is like?”

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Catching Zzzs for Those with CHDs

by Christy Sillman on Wednesday, Aug 13, 2014

Sleep is incredibly important to our health. Without a solid 7-10 hours of sleep a night we’re cheating our bodies of the renewal process necessary to keep our body in an optimal state. Many CHDers tell me that they struggle nightly with getting their Zzzs.

There can many factors as to why we can have trouble sleeping—orthopnea (shortness of breath when lying flat), acute or chronic pain (from surgeries), anxiety/depression/PTSD, obstructive sleep apnea, and certain medications can inhibit melatonin production—the natural chemical that helps us sleep.

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CHD is a Lifelong Disease

by Jon Ritchings, Jr. on Thursday, Aug 07, 2014

I know this is a website for adults with congenital heart defects, but I read something over the weekend on my Facebook feed that made me angrier than I have been in a long time—a web link to a story about a baby who was barely two pounds that had recently had balloon valvuloplasty to fix pulmonary stenosis.

I know what you’re thinking, how can this guy be mad about a little girl who had lifesaving surgery? Let me tell you, when I started reading I was really psyched to hear about how well this little girl and her incredible surgeon did.

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Baby Steps

by Jon Ritchings, Jr. on Thursday, Jun 19, 2014

I am loving this summer. After an extremely brutal winter it’s been wonderful getting outside again. The winter cold forced me to give up my daily walks. I’ve worked hard nearly every day to get in even better shape than I was last year. Well, that and lose the 20 pounds I gained.

I’ve set two goals for myself that I intend to hit by the end of September. One is to be able to run the three miles that I currently walk every day. The other is to lose those 20 pounds I gained this past winter. I’ve tried to do this a few times since my last surgery. In the past I’ve gone at it full blast, changing my diet and adding a lot of exercise all at once. Usually I do well the first few weeks, losing a few pounds and feeling good about the changes. Then, life gets in the way and the whole thing falls apart within a few days.

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Sharing My Adoption Story

by Kim Russell on Tuesday, Jun 17, 2014

“She will not be able to bear children,” the doctor said. Of course, this was disappointing, but understandable. “She can’t have children?” my mother asked the doctor.

The doctor shook his head. “No, I said she cannot bear children. She will need to adopt. And there are many children out there who need good families.”

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