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CHD and the Snow

Monday, March 16, 2015

By Meghann Ackerman

If you’re reading this from the greater Boston area, CONGRATULATIONS! Over the weekend it became official that we survived the snowiest winter since folks in these parts started keeping records.

While it’s great to officially have the bragging rights, this winter was a tough one, especially because of the shoveling. As the snow started piling up during the first storm I started worrying about shoveling.

Every winter we see the warnings that if you have a heart condition, you need to be careful with shoveling. Pace yourself, take breaks, all things Victor isn’t a fan of. And, as I heard throughout the winter, all things many of you with heart conditions aren’t fans of when it comes to shoveling your sidewalks.

Fortunately (?), Victor threw his back out after the first storm and I had to handle the rest of the shoveling. Being sore for two weeks was better, at least in my opinion, than worrying about heart attacks.

Especially for those you who felt the true wrath of winter this year, how do you handle things like shoveling? Do you follow the advice to take breaks or do you plow through?


Add yours below.


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