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Music and My Heart: What a Pair!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

By Kelly Deeny

Music has been an instrumental—pun intended—part of my life since I had open heart surgery back in January of 1979. Not quite two years of age, I lay in a hospital crib waiting for my body to heal. Through what I can only guess were feelings of fear, loneliness and confusion at my situation, I do know one thing—my love affair with music began during that time.

I'm very thankful to have two parents who appreciate the creative arts. For whatever reason, they decided to play records for me when I was recuperating from my surgery. From what I've been told, some of their choices included Disney albums and the soundtrack from “Grease.” Which explains a lot! Believe me, I consider myself a full-blooded Disney-fied girl and I know pretty much every word, spoken or song, of “Grease.”

But beyond the mere action of sound reaching my eardrums, there's a stronger and longer-lasting effect that music has given me over the course of my life so far. I truly can't explain why I connect with the powerfully healing art form known as music. There's just something so calming yet thrilling, peaceful yet exciting, and fulfilling yet motivating about finding a song that speaks to me in some way. Whether it's the lyrics that resonate with a part of the story of my life or the melodic choices that seep through my skin, straight to my heart I've found that a musical form of expression has kept me alive these past 34 years.

Music can be a tremendous healing tool no matter your circumstances. I'm just thankful that my parents chose that particular outlet to bring some harmony to an emotionally difficult time for us all.


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