ACHA Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Our Vision

Congenital heart defects are the most common birth defect, impacting approximately 1 out of every 100 births. Fortunately, thanks to medical advances, people with congenital heart disease (CHD) are surviving and thriving into adulthood more than ever before—1.4 million American adults live life every day with CHD in some form, and the population grows by 5% annually. In fact, the newest medical specialty in adult congenital heart disease was created for this population.

As the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) paves the way for future generations, we focus on lifelong care of the millions with CHD—from infancy and youth to adulthood and into advanced age. We are the voice and strength of CHD and a go-to resource for our community of patients, their loved ones, and medical providers, as well as for the media, legislators and others.

Vision 2025 is ACHA’s guide for the future, and encompasses these core concepts:

  • We will improve access to quality care for CHD patients.
  • We focus on advocacy.
  • We focus on research.
  • We will improve the awareness of CHD.
  • We are financially strong.
  • We are a national organization with regional offices.

Our Goals

We identified six strategic goals and related objectives that will guide our work for the next three years (2018-2020) as we work towards Vision 2025:

1. Align and expand ACHA’s messaging to increase public awareness of CHD and of ACHA’s mission.

  • Promote awareness of CHD and the importance of lifelong care and ongoing support.
  • Enhance our strategic communication campaigns so that the CHD community sees ACHA as the go-to resource across patient lifespan.
  • Extend and create an expanded sense of our community.

2. Fund research to improve the lives of CHD patients and future generations in partnership with medical professionals.

  • Fund research grants and projects that are important to our community.
  • Cultivate and assess relationships with established researchers and facilities.
  • Embrace best practices as we develop our research priorities with the goal of best possible outcomes for people with CHD.

3. Develop a unified CHD advocacy/public policy platform.

  • Lead clear policy platforms and strategies that encompass federal, state, and local initiatives.
  • Increase relationships and regular interactions with elected officials, their staff and with federal agencies officials to achieve our public policy objectives.
  • Increase—on a broad basis—our knowledge of how to impact legislative activity.
  • Enhance awareness and reimbursement for the ACHA ACHD Accreditation Program.

4. Place regional, permanent staff in key markets across the country to expand and enhance ACHA’s reach and mission delivery at the local level.

  • Select and grow sustainable regional markets across the country.
  • Expand mission delivery and fund development regionally through enhanced relationships with local patients and their families, hospitals, businesses, donors and elected officials.
  • Grow awareness and mobilize volunteers through effective and efficient local marketing and public relations efforts.
  • Expand networks of care providers, and promote continuity of care and collaboration between pediatric and adult specialists.

5. Ensure sustainable diversified funding sources.

  • Increase revenue at all levels and through all program vehicles.
  • Build, cultivate and maintain deeper strategic partnerships that help diversify our current relationship portfolios.
  • Develop infrastructure to support revenue development activities.
  • Establish new fundraising/special events to attract all levels of donors and the general public.

6. Ensure maximum impact and long-term sustainability by engaging and empowering volunteers and staff at their highest level.

  • Recognize, recruit and mobilize leadership volunteers whose diverse competencies, connections and experiences align with organizational goals.
  • Be an employer of choice, as represented by strong human resources best practices.
  • Influence, lead and collaborate to expand resources to meet the dynamic and varied needs of the CHD community.

Our Impact

We recognize the value in and responsibility for creating a meaningful multi-year strategic plan that will guide us to be the foremost resource for the CHD community. We worked to create a clear outcome by engaging our most critical stakeholders on this important journey. The outcomes that we envision by 2025 include:

  • That CHD and ACHA are household names.
  • That our emphasis on advocacy and research will bring about systemic change in healthcare policy, surveillance and treatment.
  • That far fewer are lost to care.
  • That the ACHA ACHD Accreditation program leads the way for the standard of accessible, comprehensive care increasing throughout the country.
  • That we are viewed as both a national and a local organization.
  • That the organization is financially sound and able to increase its capacity to keep up with the rapid CHD population increase.
  • That there is one strong voice in the CHD community that is clear and consistent, not fragmented.

As we think about the ACHA of the future, Vision 2025 is foremost in our minds as our population is surviving and thriving beyond the expectations of years ago. Our decision to be the voice and strength of CHD and to focus on lifelong care is vital as we pave the way for future generations.