The 2015-2017 ACHA Strategic Plan

The mission of the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) is to improve and extend the lives of the millions born with heart defects through education, advocacy, and the promotion of research.


ACHA will be the leading voice in congenital heart disease education and advocacy, and raise the public awareness of congenital heart disease as a lifelong disease. ACHA will improve the standards for access to and delivery of quality care for adults with congenital heart disease. ACHA in collaboration with our partners will drive the public policy agenda affecting adults with congenital heart disease.


We believe in the following shared principles, beliefs and priorities:

  1. Patient Empowerment. We believe that those affected by congenital heart disease need to be heard and that they are powerful advocates for our community.
  2. Commitment to Excellence. We believe in providing resources and information from qualified professionals and in promoting quality healthcare for the congenital heart community.
  3. Patient -Provider Partnerships. We believe in medical professionals and patients working together to promote health in our community.
  4. Collaboration. We believe in individuals and organizations working together in a collaborative effort to achieve common goals in the patients’ interest.
  5. Leadership for Change. We believe that we play a lead role in creating a better future for congenital heart patients.


Strategic Objective: Programs Supportive of our Members

We will focus on strengthening and growing programs that are critical in support of ACHA members and their families.

Strengthen and Expand Member Programs

ACHA will strengthen and expand the programs we offer that support adults with CHD, families, and the medical community, ensuring their value to members. We will measure specific program outcomes to confirm they are fulfilling our mission and goals.

Expand Advocacy Program

ACHA will expand our advocacy program to ensure that our federal public policy goals are realized.

Strategic Objective: Quality and Access to Care for Adults with CHD

We will undertake measures to both improve and expand access to appropriate lifelong CHD care.

Develop Accreditation Program

ACHA believes a key avenue to increasing the standard of care for adults with CHD is the establishment of an accreditation program that will standardize and improve care at regional CHD centers.

Grow Fellowship Program

The growth of the number of qualified adult congenital cardiologists is essential to supporting the lifelong care of adults with CHD. ACHA will continue to foster and grow our fellowship program.

Support Expansion of Research

ACHA will support the expansion of research in the CHD field to ensure that we continue to promote innovations in the treatment and monitoring of adults with CHD to further enhance their quality of life.

Strategic Objective: Communications and Branding

We will increase the public awareness of ACHA and congenital heart disease (CHD).

Implement Strategic Communications Plan

Key to growing public awareness is the development and implementation of a strategic communications plan with visionary emphasis on branding and marketing that is measured for success.

Develop Partnerships with Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Programs and Clinics

In order to both support our members and encourage lifelong care, ACHA will expand our presence and interaction with local ACHD programs and clinics.

Foster a United Voice for the CHD Community

ACHA will strengthen and grow our leadership role in the broader CHD community to bring together partner organizations to strengthen the awareness of CHD nationally.

Strategic Objective: Resource Development

We will grow ACHA’s financial capabilities to enable program growth supporting the millions of adults born with CHD.

Grow and Diversify Revenue Streams

In order to fund the programs and initiatives to support adults with CHD, ACHA will aggressively expand development efforts by diversifying revenue streams through a strong, innovative resource development plan.

Grow the Congenital Heart Walk Program

ACHA will grow the Congenital Heart Walk program in coordination with our partner, The Children’s Heart Foundation.

Strategic Objective: Organizational Growth and Development

We will ensure ACHA’s continued operational success.

Increase Membership

ACHA will expand our membership in the CHD community to ensure that we reach and support all adults with CHD.

Strengthen Operational Capabilities

ACHA will invest in infrastructure and staff to ensure organizational operations have the resources and capacity to support desired growth.

Grow and Cultivate a Board of Influence

A strong and capable board is key to an organization’s success, and we will assure that ACHA board development supports organization’s goals through expertise, fundraising, and donor/board member cultivation.

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