Volunteer Spotlight: Ted Wagner

Posted Monday, Aug 16, 2021

A Q&A with the Captain of TEAM BEN HEART WARRIORS and Southern California Walk for 1 in 100 Supporter

Q: Why do you participate in Walk for 1 in 100?

A: I walk to help raise money for ACHA to engage in its mission of education, advocacy and research. My team is brought together to support Ben, our CHD champion with tetralogy of Fallot.

Q: What is your favorite part of Walk day?

A: Meeting all the great folks that support such a critical organization. The walks are always fun, festive and feel like a big family reunion. It’s great to connect with others in the CHD community.

Q: What fundraising tips could you share with others?

A: Engage all of your friends and family. All ages enjoy and love to participate in the walk! Also, leverage all of your local businesses and personal networks. Almost all companies and individuals want to help in some form or fashion. There are many people and organizations out there that love to support great organizations. They just need someone they can understand and connect with.

Q: What advice could you give on how to build a successful Walk team?

A: Start early to build excitement for the day and encourage everyone. We had many that could not do the “walk” portion as they were either very young or physically unable to, but they still showed up to cheer us on and support the walk, our team, and ACHA.