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Health Information

Fact Sheet

Click here for our ACHA fact sheet.

Personal Health Passport

Designed to be carried in a pocket or purse, ACHA's Personal Health Passport is a mini-booklet, with removable emergency wallet card, designed to give immediate access to important health information to patients with CHD, their families, and health care providers. It is designed to educate about ACHD health care needs, serve as an on-going medical record, and provide potentially life-saving information in a medical emergency. To view a PDF of the ACHA Personal Health Passport, click here.

All ACHA members receive a printed Personal Health Passport as part of membership, and can request additional free copies as needed. Paid Medical Professional members of ACHA can order multiple copies of the ACHA Personal Health passport and other print education materialsfor use with their patients.


ACHA conducts monthly webinars dealing with various, interesting, and timely topics. Registration information will be sent out prior to each webinar. For the archive, click here.

ACHA Defect-Specific Literature

Bethesda Conference Report

ACHA endorses the findings of the American College of Cardiology's 32nd Bethesda Conference Report. This report states that all adults born with complex congenital heart defects should be seen at specialized ACHD care centers. It also outlines the many unmet health care needs facing the ACHD community. For more information, click here.

Comprehensive Online Resource

A comprehensive introduction to congenital heart defects and adult congenital is available through the Cove Point Foundation at Johns Hopkins. Click here to access the website.