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Clinic Directory

The ACHD Clinic Directory offers comparative information on all self-identified ACHD clinics in the United States and Canada that currently participate in the ACHA/ISACHD ACHD Clinic Survey Project.

Click here or on the link to the right to access the directory.

All data in the ACHD Clinic Directory is self-reported and has not been independently verified. These clinics vary widely in size, training, and services offered. Before using the ACHD Clinic Directory, ACHA recommends you read How to Use the ACHD Clinic Directory (below).

ACHA does not endorse or recommend any particular ACHD Clinic. However, ACHA endorses the findings of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association 2008 Guidelines for the management of adults with congenital heart disease, as well as ACC’s 32nd Bethesda Conference Report. One recommendation from the 32nd Bethesda Conference is that all adults born with moderately and highly complex heart defects, both repaired and unrepaired, should be seen at a specialized, national center of ACHD excellence. For more information on ACHD care guidelines and to see if special ACHD care is recommended for you, click here.

All clinics currently listed were offered the opportunity to update their clinic information and data as of 2014 using the 2014 ACHD Clinic Directory Survey. However, if a clinic has not yet completed the survey for 2014, their previously reported data is listed in the directory and will contain a disclaimer that reads “data valid from 20XX.”

Click here for Instructions on How to Use the ACHD Clinic Directory.

Note: Participation in the ACHD Clinic Survey Project is open to all interested ACHD Clinics in the United States and Canada. To learn more about the ACHA/ISACHD Clinic Survey Project or request to be included in the Directory, e-mail ClinicDirectory@achaheart.org.