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For Researchers

Are you interested in listing Research studies or clinical trials on ACHA’s website?

Submission instructions for PIs interested in submitting research study notices are as follows:

ACHA lists current research studies seeking participants on its website in order to inform adults with congenital heart disease of existing research opportunities. To submit study notices for review to ACHA’s Research Committee, send your proposed text to info@achaheart.org.  

If approved by ACHA’s Research Committee, study notices will be posted here and and a link will be included in the monthly member newsletter.


1. Each study notice should include sections on the following:

    a. What is the rationale of the study?

    b. Who is eligible?

    c. What factors exclude eligibility?

    d. What are the major risks and benefits of participation?

    e. How do people interested in joining the study get involved?

2. Study notices should be written at 6th-8th grade level.

3. All notices to recruit patients and members will be reviewed by the research committee within four weeks of submission. The notice will be reviewed as follows:

    a. The notice will be assigned to a member of the research committee for review.

    b. After initial review, this review and the notice will be sent to other members of the research committee and discussed for:

        1. approval;

        2. approval with minor revisions;

        3. revise and resubmit;

        4. not approved.

    c. The committee will also make suggestions for the proposal if requested.