ACHA and ACC have initiated the Provider Action for Treating Congenital Hearts (PATCH), a program intended to create learning opportunities and collaboration between internal medicine general cardiologists and adult congenital heart disease specialists.

The overarching goal of PATCH is to improve the care for adult congenital heart patients, and to do so through education, communication, and networking and by utilizing the organizational structure of ACHA, the ACC Board of Governors, Chapter infrastructure and its membership.

The ACC/ACHA PATCH Program will address four major challenges to the provision towards the highest quality coordinated ACHD care in the U.S.:

  • Lack of educational resources specific to the complex needs of the ACHD population
  • Lack of awareness of ACHD care guidelines
  • Access to ACHD trained cardiologists and centers of excellence
  • Lack of networking between ACHD specialists and internal medicine general cardiologists

For more information about the PATCH Program goals, please click here.

There is a need for increased awareness of the ACC/AHA guidelines for ACHD care and when referral to ACHD provider is needed. Click here for more information about these guidelines.