Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Adolescent & Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

Data valid for 2014

General Information
Address: 3333 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229
Program Website
Patient Inquiries Phone: (513) 803-2243
Appointment Requests: (513) 803-2243
Year Formalized: 2005
24/7 ACHD On-Call Schedule: Yes
Hospital (Adult or Pediatric Hospital): Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (PediatricHospital)
Hospital (Adult or Pediatric Hospital): University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Adult Hospital)
Medical School: University of Cincinnati Dept. of Medicine
Medical Director
Medical Director:
Board Certified In:
Gary Webb, MD
IM, IM Card
Years in ACHD: 35
% of Time Dedicated to ACHD: 100%
Medical Co-Director
Medical Co-Director:
Board Certified In:
Gruschen Veldtman, FRCP, MBChB
IM, Peds, Ped Card, ACHD, Intervention
Years in ACHD: 15
% of Time Dedicated to ACHD: 100%
Care Setting
Total ACHD Patient Visits: 950
Half-day Sessions (per week): 8-10
Outpatients seen at:Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Do you have providers who see patients in both pediatric and adult settings?Yes
Do you perform invasive cardiac procedures on ACHD patients at your institution?Yes
Catheter-based procedures are done: Pediatric Hospital
Invasive EP procedures are done: Pediatric Hospital
ACHD Surgeries are done: Pediatric Hospital
Established referral relationships with other ACHD programs for needed consultation, procedures or second opinions: Yes
Formal transition program between pediatric and ACHD clinics: Yes (Formal transition at age: 12)
Do you offer regularly scheduled patient care conferences?Yes, 1-3 times per month
Does your program provide patient/family support or education meetings?
ACHD Clinic Staffing
Number of Additional Cardiologists who attend ACHD Clinic:3
Additional cardiologist:
Board Certified In:
Christopher P. Learn, MD
IM, IM Card, Peds, Ped Card, ECHO
Additional cardiologist:
Board Certified In:
Nicole Brown, MD
IM, Peds, Ped Card
Additional cardiologist:
Board Certified In:
JOhn Jefferies, MD
IM, Peds, Adv Heart Failure
Number of NPs/PAs:
NP/PA: MarthaTomlin RN, MSN,cNP
RN/LPN: Karen Day, MSN, RN, Transition RN
RN/LPN: Elaine Haddix, RN, AACHD Clinic RN
Other Program Staff: Andrew Redlington, MD, Executive CO-Director Heart Institute
Other Program Staff: Terry Faulkner, DNP, RN, AACHD Program Manager
Surgical and Interventional Resources
Number of Pediatric (< 18) CHD operations performed: 461
Number of ACHD (> 18) operations performed: 28
Number of Cardiologists performing interventional catheterizations:
Number of Surgeons performing more than 75 CHD or ACHD operations: 2
Director's Description
Tailored education for each patient’s condition to include family planning and pregnancy; exercise; symptom identification; infection prevention; genetic counseling. The Fontan Management Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is a dedicated mutltidisciplinary program that provides Fontan circulation survivors one of the few dedicated managementclinics in the country.These experts work closely with a multidisciplinary team of pediatric cardiologists, pulmonologists, hepatoligists, nephrologists, orthopedists, neurologists and endocrinologists. •Our cardiomyopathy, advanced heart failure and liver programs have the leading experts in their respective fields and are nationally recognized programs. •Because patients with Fontan correction will eventually encounter complications, our team can uniquely offer left ventricular assist devices, total artificial heart and heart transplant as interventions. •We provide an active surveillance program to improve quality of life longer, through active surveillance. •Our preventive therapies are novel and are shown to improve and elongate life. Pregancy- Multidisplinary Clinic- Our pre-pregnancy assessment helps prospective mothers better understand the potential impact of pregnancy on their health and potential risks to their unborn baby. This assessment includes: •A physical exam •An assessment of the patient’s cardiac reserve •An electrocardiogram •An echocardiogram •Genetic testing Our approach is unique because we provide a comprehensive and integrated assessment of the mother’s cardiovascular reserve, which is the ability of the heart to work harder during strenuous physical activity. This helps us understand the maternal and fetal risk in women with heart disease. Our experts can easily collaborate with specialists in a variety of related fields in order to ensure the best possible patient care. These include maternal-fetal medicine specialists, fetal cardiologists, fetal surgeons, genetics counselors and many others. High Risk Pregnancies When high-risk patients become pregnant, our team works closely with referring obstetricians to monitor the patient and fetus closely. In the event that problems occur with the fetus, our specialists can draw on the extensive resources available through the Cincinnati Fetal Center, which is based at Cincinnati Children’s. The Fetal Center is one of the few comprehensive fetal care programs in the country, with specialists who provide expert care for high-risk pregnancies. Already Pregnant? For women who are already pregnant, we offer outpatient and inpatient assessments to evaluate the underlying heart condition, your potential obstetric risk and the specific needs of your unborn baby. Our team keeps in close communication with your obstetrician to ensure the best possible care. If the pregnancy is considered high risk, we can help coordinate care during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Monthly meetings MFM groups to discuss patients, educational topics. Creating individualized summary documents on each pregnant patient; quick reference. Formal combined clinics established for “one-stop shopping” that would also involve Anesthesia Transition Medicine Clinic-Ready SET (Start Empowering Teens) Go is a three part transition program, built around important information for the Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) patient but personalized to the individual’s interests and goals for transition. Transition plan for patients around age 14 to our high-quality program that will follow them throughout adulthood. Visit our congenital heart transition website
Clinical Services Offered
ACHD-experienced Diagnostic Catheterization: Yes
ACHD-experienced Interventional Catheterization: Yes
ACHD-experienced Diagnostic Electrophysiology: Yes
ACHD-experienced Interventional Electrophysiology: Yes
ACHD-experienced Cardiac MRI: Yes
ACHD-experienced Multi-Slice Cardiac CT: Yes
ACHD-experienced High Risk Obstetrics/Perinatology: Yes
Contraceptive Counseling: Yes
Geneticist/Genetic Counseling: Yes
Cardiac Rehabilitation Service: Yes
Financial/Medical Insurance Counseling: Yes
Medical Social Worker:Yes
Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in ACHD is evaluated: By pulmonary hypertension specialists to whom we refer at suitable institutions
PAH in ACHD is managed medically: In collaboration with our pulmonary hypertension specialists
When lung transplant is considered in our ACHD patients with PAH, they are: Referred to a suitable lung transplant program
Training & Research
ACHD Training for Fellows: Yes
Programs that Apply:Formal ACHD rotation for general cardiology fellows (in Adult and Peds),Formal dedicated ACHD fellowship (2 year)
Does your program undertake ACHD Research? Yes
Program's last publication: 2015
Program's most recent receipt of external funding: 2015