THRIVE (GHS Teen and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic)

Data valid for 2013

General Information
Address: 315 Medical Parkway, Greenville, SC 29650
Program Website
Patient Inquiries Phone: (864) 454-5120
Appointment Requests: (864) 454-5120
Year Formalized: 2012
24/7 ACHD On-Call Schedule:
Hospital (Adult or Pediatric Hospital): Greenville Health System (Adult/Pediatric Hospital)
Hospital (Adult or Pediatric Hospital): Medical University of South Carolina (Adult/Pediatric Hospital)
Medical School:
Medical Director
Medical Director:
Board Certified In:
Manisha S. Patel, MD
IM, Peds
Years in ACHD: 1
% of Time Dedicated to ACHD: 50%
Medical Co-Director
Medical Co-Director:
Board Certified In:
Benjamin Horne, MD
Peds, Ped Card
Years in ACHD: 20
% of Time Dedicated to ACHD: 10%
Care Setting
Total ACHD Patient Visits: 851
Half-day Sessions (per week): 5
Out-patients seen at:Greer Memorial Hospital - Greenville Hospital System
Do you have providers who see patients in both pediatric and adult settings?Yes
Do you perform invasive cardiac procedures on ACHD patients at your institution?No
Catheter-based procedures are done: Adult/Pediatric Hospital
Invasive EP procedures are done: Adult/Pediatric Hospital
ACHD Surgeries are done: Adult/Pediatric Hospital
Established referral relationships with other ACHD programs for needed consultation, procedures or second opinions: Yes
Formal transition program between pediatric and ACHD clinics: Yes (Formal transition at age: 12-14)
Do you offer regularly scheduled patient care conferences?No
Does your program provide patient/family support or education meetings?
ACHD Clinic Staffing
Number of Additional Cardiologists who attend ACHD Clinic:0
Surgical and Interventional Resources
Number of Pediatric (< 18) CHD operations performed: 0
Number of ACHD (> 18) operations performed: 10
Number of Cardiologists performing interventional catheterizations: 11
Number of Surgeons performing more than 75 CHD or ACHD operations: 0
Director's Description
The GHS ACHD program was created to respond to the significant, unmet needs of our local community. The director for the clinic, Manisha Patel, MD is a med/peds trained pediatric cardiologist with a passion for appropriate transition of care and ACHD. The clinic sits within an adult cardiology setting. There is ready access to multiple adult/pediatric subspecialties. Referrals for cardiac surgery, EP studies, and catherization procedures are primarily coordinated through the Children's Heart Program of SC with the expertise of adult/pediatric interventionalists at MUSC.
Clinical Services Offered
ACHD-experienced Diagnostic Catheterization: No
ACHD-experienced Interventional Catheterization: No
ACHD-experienced Diagnostic Electrophysiology: No
ACHD-experienced Interventional Electrophysiology: No
ACHD-experienced Cardiac MRI: Yes
ACHD-experienced Multi-Slice Cardiac CT: Yes
ACHD-experienced High Risk Obstetrics/Perinatology: Yes
Contraceptive Counseling: Yes
Geneticist/Genetic Counseling: Yes
Cardiac Rehabilitation Service: Yes
Financial/Medical Insurance Counseling: Yes
Medical Social Worker:Yes
Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in ACHD is evaluated: In collaboration with our pulmonary hypertension specialists
PAH in ACHD is managed medically: In collaboration with our pulmonary hypertension specialists
When lung transplant is considered in our ACHD patients with PAH, they are: Referred to a suitable lung transplant program
Training & Research
ACHD Training for Fellows: No
Does your program undertake ACHD Research? N/A
Program's last publication: N/A
Program's most recent receipt of external funding: N/A