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New Adventures

Jun 20

Posted by: ACHA
6/20/2013 2:30 PM  RssIcon

By Yvonne Hall

The past few weeks have been filled with firsts for my daughter, Lorie. Sadly, we too often take many ordinary experiences for granted, but anyone with a compromised lifestyle understands ordinary doesn’t exist.

Lorie, a congenital heart patient, underwent a lifesaving transplant in March 2012. As a child she lived as normal a life as her health would allow, but there were restrictions on her physical activities. Riding a bike was one such restriction. Her one attempt resulted in catapulting over the handlebars, which signaled the end to her biking endeavors.

Some activities are given up without question and others remain a lifetime desire. Lorie’s yearning to ride a bike never left her. She watched her children learn their own biking skills and as they grew older she longingly watched them as they, along with their dad, set off on bike excursions. Once more she was the odd man out.

One of Lorie’s declarations during transplant recovery was, “next year I am going to learn to ride a bike,” and to her surprise, someone had been listening. As 2013 welcomed spring, Lorie’s husband, Mike, took her on a surprise shopping expedition.

“We’re going to find you a bike,” he announced.

After a couple of hours of trying every bicycle in the store, Lorie found the right one and being the determined woman she is, set out immediately to teach herself to ride. After everyone left for work and school each morning, Lorie stole out to her secluded backyard and day after day she kept trying. First she learned to balance, then cautiously putting her feet on the pedals, she literally inched her way to success.

Although I lived only a few blocks away, I was totally unaware of this newest escapade—which was probably just as well. However, mothers don’t always know best. One sunny April day I got an invitation to come over and check out her new bike. With a smile as wide as the heavens, Lorie rode about 10 feet across her yard. There were a few wobbles—and I must mention, there are numerous trees in close proximity—but she did it! By summer, Lorie will surely be ready to join her family on their bike excursions. Another dream fulfilled!

Near the end of May, I needed to coax her off her bike for a couple of weeks, as it was time for our scheduled trip to San Diego. And that became our second spring miracle. We had decided last summer to attend Dr. Robert Holden’s Coaching Happiness training in May 2013, and the following November we signed up, committing ourselves to attending. This was all despite the fact that Lorie would barely be past her year of no international travel. We never considered for a moment that we wouldn’t make it. Or at least Lorie didn’t!

I have to admit to some nervous moments when, with May approaching, I still wasn’t fully recovered from my fall in January and Lorie had been battling a nasty cold and flu bug for a few weeks. Always optimistic, she never wavered in her belief that we would be in San Diego, and by the beginning of May she was getting back to her old self. Her transplant team contact was not enthusiastic about her travelling, but a perfect biopsy a couple of weeks before departure convinced her doctors she was ready and able to fly.

On May 21, 2013, 14 months post transplant, we boarded our flight in Toronto for a five-hour trip to California, followed by an intensive five-day course in self-discovery while making about 100 new friends. Needless to say, all went well and she actually endured the trip better than I did! It was a wonderful, memorable experience and I feel honored and very grateful to have shared it with Lorie.

Life may be fraught with challenges and fears, but with perseverance and determination we do create the future of our dreams. The spring of 2013 proved to me that all things are truly possible.

Yvonne Hall is a wife, mother, grandmother and life coach in training. She blogs and journals regularly as well as holds the position of personal assistant to her daughter, Angel Thinking author and CHD advocate Lorelei Hill. Yvonne’s intent in coaching is to encourage those in their transition years to embrace their age and value their wisdom while seeing aging as a new chapter rather than the last chapter. Yvonne has a lot to offer families struggling to raise children with CHD as well as women looking to grow wise gracefully.

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Re: New Adventures

Bravo Lorie! How wonderful to have such determination and positive focus. What loving support she has in you!

By Linda on   6/21/2013 8:13 AM

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