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Our Mom: Curly Hair and a Broken Heart

May 11

Posted by: ACHA
5/11/2012 9:10 AM  RssIcon

By Abi and Livi

Note: Todays’ blog post is written by two of regular ACHA blogger Kim Edgren’s daughters. As Kim says, “I asked them to write a little something about having a mom with CHD and the post is their response.”

Abi (age 9):

There is not much difference from her to any other mom. She is a typical mom who is fun, cooks, cleans and gets mad! But still people worry and say “Can she do this?” or “Can she do that?” Sometimes she can’t do things and that disappoints me. It is what it is. That’s her favorite saying and it is just like her life. It is what it is that she has a heart defect but she deals with it.

Last year my mom had her procedure. I was only worried a teeny tiny little smidge but other than that I wasn’t worried at all cause I knew she could handle it! I think it is kinda cool that she used to have a pig valve! I’m lucky that she’s healthier than other heart defect people. She is one of the best moms you can have! PS Don’t wanna pick favorites for moms!

Livi (age 12):

My mom (I call her Mimi on account of having two moms) is different than most other moms (or at least the ones I know, and she is not that different.) She does what every other mom does, cooks, cleans and cares for her family. But sometimes she gets tired really easily. My other mom Karen (I call her Mama) tells Mim to stop doing what she is doing and rest. I can’t say that Mimi is really the best listener...she will just keep on going. It has even led to the point where Mimi needed another surgery because she overdid it.

Like last year when I was in fifth grade, it was April vacation and we were in Washington D.C, which requires a lot of walking to get around. We also went to Williamsburg in Virginia. At the beginning of the trip she was fine but then quickly faded. Mimi could not even walk up more than a couple of stairs or go up or even down a hill! She said that she was fine (although we all now know she was not). Mama said that Mimi should go home...but Mimi being the stubborn person she is went on. Even my little sister and I knew something was wrong. When we returned from the trip she went to the doctors and they said after what seemed like a lot of visits that she needed another heart surgery.

Now I won’t say that I wasn’t worried at all, I was. But Mimi had other, bigger, more important surgeries for her heart before so remembering those where she didn’t come home for a long time (especially when you are 5 and it seems like a year), I was just a little worried. My Grammie stayed with Mimi in the hospital while she was there and Mama stayed a lot of them too.

So not having a mom or anyone for that matter at home is tough for a fifth grader who needs help with things like homework. But my big sister, Alex, and my aunt stayed and helped with us. I remember we only got to visit Mim once, and to an eleven-year-old girl seeing your mom with gross cuts and barely able to move is pretty weird. Her heartbeat used to scare me, with the weird swishing noise that it made. But after her recent surgery it has become louder. OK, very loud, but I have gotten used to it more, and it is almost comforting in a weird, creepy, not thumping but swishy way.

After that visit I couldn’t wait for her to be home even though she made us eat healthy food, and for some reason she thinks she needs to sit when she does a quick thing on the computer. I realized it was not important to eat junk food, but it was to have a mom...or two! I also noticed that everybody with a...“normal” mom thinks it’s hard but they don’t have Mimi, and I am glad that I do.

Also the fact that I have two moms people say “Oh well your other mom is fine.” How do they know?! Mama always goes to the hospital with Mimi and I think even takes Mimi’s heart issues more seriously than Mimi does. She can tell when something is wrong with Mim. Because, well, Mimi won’t always tell us.

I think it is funny how when my friends find out that my mom has CHD they have no clue at all as to what it is (except for the fact that is has to do with the heart.) I used to try to explain, but now I simply say “her heart is weird” or “her heart has issues.”

She is not just some weirdo lady with curly hair and a broken heart...she is my mom! Happy Mother’s Day Mimbo!! <3

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