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Mar 21

Posted by: ACHA
3/21/2013 4:40 PM  RssIcon

I am a 37 year old healthy female who was recently diagnosed with ASD. Very scary considering my father just passed 6 months ago after getting his mitral valve replaced. My cardiologist just referred me to a surgeon and I'm waiting for treatment options. Since I'm new to all of this, I'm nervous and in the process of gathering information.

My story goes like this: I experienced chest pains at age 18 and was diagnosed with anxiety. I was ok, until the chest pain resumed at age 30. More tests and this time, I was diagnosed with heartburn. Again, the pain went away but came back again at age 36. But this time, I also had "flutters in my throat" which were diagnosed as PVC and PAC. And pre-syncope events and daily dizziness and fatigue. This is when my cardiologist started ordering tests. A year later, a TEE showed ASD.

It's still early and I need more tests, but as of now I know the hole is the width of a finger tip (so they might not be able to do the cath clamshell operation). And they were unable to find my 4th pulmonary vein - they said this is the hardest to find and might be ok, but they need to look again. Bottom line, it sounds like open heart surgery is in my future and after my dad’s passing I'm very worried and concerned. I pray that after more tests, I will have a more optimistic outlook but until now this is my story. I'll keep everyone posted. The surgeon's next appointment is in 6 weeks so until then, I wait in limbo.

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