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Share your Personal CHD Anthem with ACHA!

The 2012 Olympics have provided us with the opportunity to marvel at extraordinary feats of athleticism, but the Games have also given us the unique opportunity to listen to the national anthems of those athletes.

Hearing the national anthem of his or her country often brings an athlete to tears, and we are reminded of the power of music to unite, inspire, and encourage. So what about you? Do you have a personal CHD anthem that has helped get you through health struggles or tough times in your life?

What is the song and why is it meaningful to you?

Directions: Share your personal CHD anthem with us by emailing the name of the song that inspires you, by whom, and a few sentences about when and why it was/is meaningful to you or why you think of it as your personal CHD anthem to rphillippi@achaheart.org by August 31, 2012. If there is an accompanying music video or performance available, we’ll share your anthem on our Facebook page!

By e-mailing your story to rphillippi@achaheart.org, you are allowing ACHA to post it on our Facebook page with your first name only. No other identifying information will be used. Stories may be edited for space.

To get you started, here is an example from ACHA Blogger Christy Sillman:

The song that resonates the most with me these days is “Between Two Lungs” by Florence and The Machine. When I’m feeling short of breath or scared of death I use Florence’s words to give me strength. Her voice moves me, and I feel hopeful of a future with my husband and son.

Thank you in advance for sharing your anthem with ACHA!