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    2008 Fifth National ACHA Conference

    Thank you to everyone who joined us May 1-4, 2008, at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott in Philadelphia, PA.

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    Conference Presentations


    Key Recent Developments in ACHD Care (Gary Webb, MD): Download PDF

    Eisenmenger's Syndrome (Michael McConnell, MD): Download PDF

    Get the Beat: Avoiding and Treating Rhythm Problems (Larry A. Rhodes, MD): Download PDF

    It's All in the Pump: Avoiding and Treating Heart Failure (William R. Davidson, Jr., MD): Download PDF

    Fontan/Norwood (Gary Webb, MD; Barbara J. Deal, MD): Download PDF

    Rastelli/Arterial Switch (Jean A. Ballweg, MD): Download PDF

    Heart Rhythm Treatment: What's New? What's Around the Corner? (James C. Perry, MD): Download PDF

    Medications and Interventions (Barbara J. Deal, MD): Download PDF

    Heart Rhythm Devices (Joshua M. Cooper, MD): Download PDF

    What's New in ACHD Surgery? (Thomas L. Spray, MD): Download PDF

    What's New in Pulmonary Hypertension? (Michael Landzberg, MD; Donna Turransky, RN): Download PDF

    What's New in Transplant? (Lee R. Goldberg, MD, MPH): Download PDF

    Managing Your Anticoagulation (Mitchell S. Laskin, RPh): Download PDF

    What Everyone Should Know About Advanced Directives (Elizabeth D. Shore, MSW, CSW): Download PDF


    10 Things Every ACHDer Should Know (Amy Verstappen, MEd): Download PDF

    What Every ACHDer Should Know About Their Medical Records (Jim Wong, PhD): Download PDF

    Insurance: The Challenges and Possibilities (Symme Trachtenberg, MSW): Download PDF

    Traveling with CHD: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles (Arwa Saidi, MB, BCh): Download PDF

    More on Medical Records (Jim Wong, PhD): Download PDF

    Adoption for ACHDers (Loretta Ninivaggi, NP): Download PDF

    Panel: Heart and Mind (Adrienne Kovacs, PhD; Gil Wernovsky, MD; Kathleen McCue, LSW, CCLS; Maggie Lichtenberg, PCC; Suzanne Bores, LCSW): Download PDF

    Managing Depression and Anxiety (Adrienne Kovacs, PhD): Download PDF

    Helping Your Children Manage Your CHD (Kathleen McCue, LSW, CCLS): Download PDF

    What's New: ACHD and Exercise (Disty Pearson, PA-C): Download PDF

    Ask the Experts: Keeping Fit with CHD (George H. Warren, MD; Kimberly Russell): Download PDF

    Getting Started with Exercise (Disty Pearson, PA-C): Download PDF

    Taking Charge of Your Health: For Young Adults (Adrienne Kovacs, PhD): Download PDF

    CHD, the Brain, and Learning: What Does the Data Say? (Gil Wernovsky, MD): Download PDF


    CHD and Genetics (Elizabeth A. Sparks, MS, C-NP): Download PDF

    CHD and the Environment (Christopher Loffredo, PhD): Download PDF

    More on Causation (Elizabeth A. Sparks, MS, C-NP): Download PDF

    Communicating with Your Health Care Team (Desiree Fleck, RN, MSN, CRNP): Download PDF

    More on End-of-life Planning (Jeanine Harrison, MN< APN): Download PDF

    Report from the ACHA Research Symposium (MIchael Landzberg, MD): Download PDF

    NIH: What Do They Do For You? (Jim Wong, PhD): Download PDF