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ACHA Leadership Announcement

Dear ACHA supporters,

It is with both sadness and pride that I write today to announce my departure from my job as ACHA’s President and CEO. My 52-year-old “backwards heart” has made clear that meeting the tremendous time and energy demands of running ACHA is no longer possible. As I make this life change, I am comforted and inspired by the many ACHA members I have watched negotiate increasing cardiac challenges while living lives full of contentment, activity, and satisfaction. I look forward to this next life stage, in which I can continue to advocate for a better future for congenital heart patients, but with fewer hours, less stress, and more relaxation.

Since 2001, it has been a privilege and honor to lead this organization through tremendous growth and change, and to see so many of our long-term goals realized. Nothing we achieved would have been possible without the support of our members, and the hard work of our stellar staff, exceptional Board of Directors, and amazing volunteers. I am confident that ACHA will continue to thrive and grow under new leadership, and will achieve even greater impact and achievement in the future.

Thank you for your continuing support and for sharing our vision of a long and healthy life for every person born with congenital heart disease.


Amy Verstappen

Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013