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Leadership Update: What Does it Mean to Live With CHD?

This is the leadership update from May's e-newsletter.

What does it mean to live with congenital heart disease? This is a question that ACHA members answer every day. There are more than a million answers to this question, since there are now over one million adults living with CHD, each one navigating their unique journey living with their heart.

For some, CHD means feeling short of breath every time they climb stairs. For others, it means checking with their ACHD team before running their fifth marathon. For many ACHA members, their CHD has meant becoming more flexible, resilient, and thankful. For those who connect on ACHA’s Discussion Forum, through volunteering, or by attending an ACHA event, having CHD can become a great connection with a wonderful group of like-hearted friends.

Long-time ACHA Board member Dr. George Warren often said that he considered all ACHA members his friends, some of whom he had not met yet. We here at ACHA were deeply saddened to learn of his sudden loss on April 29. What having CHD meant to George was using his own experiences to help others thrive with heart defects. Born in 1947 with tetralogy of Fallot, George graduated from Harvard College in 1969 and received his MD in pathology in 1975. Through his national advocacy efforts, his hard work on ACHA programs, and his inspiring presence, George’s life touched thousands of CHD patients and family members. Click here to learn more about Dr. George Warren and click here to donate to ACHA in his memory.


Amy Verstappen
ACHA President/CEO

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013